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Why your business needs more negative reviews, sharpening your copy and more

Your Business Needs More Negative Reviews. Here’s Why

Your Business Needs More Negative Reviews. Here’s Why

Do you work hard to earn great reviews for your business? If so, you’re not alone. Most businesses strive to get as many five-star reviews as possible. And it’s not hard to imagine why. Before you buy something online, drive across town to a restaurant you’ve never tried, or download an app, what’s the first thing you do? You probably check the reviews. If they’re bad, you probably won’t purchase an item or try a new restaurant. But if they’re good, you’ll likely give it a try.

So you should do everything in your power to try and get five-star reviews across the board and prevent any negative reviews, right? Actually, that shouldn’t be your goal. Here’s why you need negative reviews and some of the ways that they can be beneficial for your business.

Cultivate Some Skills and Sharpen Your Copywriting Mojo

Cultivate Some Skills and Sharpen Your Copywriting MojoWe love subtle tactics and cutting-edge strategies on Copyblogger. But we’re also very conscious of the fact that 90 percent of copywriting and content marketing success comes from executing fundamental skills really well. Just like Napoleon Dynamite, this week we’re rolling up our sleeves and working on cultivating some great skills.

On Monday, Stefanie Flaxman explored the multidimensional nature of what we call “high quality” writing, and why it can be so challenging to create. (The solution? A serious commitment to your writing practice!) On Tuesday, conversational copywriter Nick Usborne swung by to share five common mistakes we make with sales copy — and how to fix them. Experienced copywriters know that the right offer can do the lion’s share of your persuasive work for you. On Wednesday, I talked about what goes into crafting an offer that people actively — even eagerly — want to buy.

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3 Reasons Why Writing Practice Leads to Multidimensional Content3 Reasons Why Writing Practice Leads to Multidimensional Content

Remember when I overly simplified the term “high quality?”

“High quality” is a measure of whether or not your contribution helps your audience in ways they can’t find anywhere else.

Let’s look at three ways a regular writing practice helps you work in that multidimensional space that honors both your prospects’ and your business’s needs.