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Massive gender pay gap in copywriting, ramping up freelance business and more

Why the massive gender pay gap in copywriting?Why the massive gender pay gap in copywriting?

Gender pay gap findings from the ProCopywriters Survey 2018 You’ll know something about the UK gender pay gap, I’m sure. You’ll have a view on it, I imagine. My own response to the recent reporting on the UK gender pay gap has ranged from unsurprised, to sad, to pissed.

What we know is that the ProCopywriters Survey 2018, completed by 420 copywriters, shows an average gender pay gap of 25%. Of course, the data is limited by the number of people willing and able to respond to the survey, and may be biased towards a certain segment of the population where the gap is wider for some reason. But, coupled with the broader reporting of the UK gender pay gap, we can safely say that there is a significant gender pay gap in copywriting. And that’s something worth discussing.

To get a snapshot of personal perspectives, I contacted 12 copywriters from my online network and asked them a set of questions about their experiences. Things like how they set their prices, their priorities, and their working situations. The copywriters are a mix of women and men from across the UK, mostly freelance, including at least two who previously worked in-house, and two who currently work in an agency. Some common themes emerged.

VIDEO: The $20K Quarter (Secrets of Successful Freelance Writers)VIDEO: The $20K Quarter (Secrets of Successful Freelance Writers)

Ever wish you could be a fly on the wall at the home of some successful freelance writers, and figure out what they do to earn more?

Well, now you can. You see, I am that fly — I spend a lot of time talking on Zoom to high-earning freelance writers in my Freelance Writers Den 2X Income Accelerator. That’s my 6-month mastermind program for doubling your income.

With the permission of a few of my coaching grads, I’ve put together a 20-minute video where you can eavesdrop on writers who earn $80,000 a year — and writers who’re scheming on how to get there.


Introducing Alliioop: The Customer Marketing Platform (to Build an Awesome Customer Base)Introducing Alliioop: The Customer Marketing Platform (to Build an Awesome Customer Base)

Shopify, Facebook, FedEx and the likes have made it easier than ever to birth ecommerce brands. And that’s exactly what’s been happening. Three people in a garage can launch, look and execute like a 100+ person company of old. I’m not saying it’s easy, there’s way more to it than that, but the triangulation of tech, logistics and online-all-the-time buyers have certainly paved the way for the ecommerce boom.

Getting customers to your site is one thing, but converting them into loyal, repeat customers is an entirely different challenge. That’s exactly why we created Alliioop. A customer marketing platform that makes it easy to engage each customer precisely the way they want and expect–and build a relationship that lasts forever.

Alliioop is far from just another email marketing tool like Mailchimp. The biggest difference is Alliioop was built on a customer analytics platform. That means we can deliver deeper customer insights and more granular segmentation than ever before, so you can deliver messages that are more on target and stay personalized as you scale.

The Go-Getter Writer’s Guide to Ramp Up Your Freelance BusinessThe Go-Getter Writer’s Guide to Ramp Up Your Freelance Business

Build a thriving freelance business as a writer. That’s the goal, right? But just about every writer discovers that the path to get there includes twists and turns, dead-ends, roadblocks, and delays while trying to build a freelance business. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re ready to move up and earn more, there’s a few critical skills you need for long-term success.

And they don’t have anything to do with the craft of writing, but everything to do with the business of writing, planning, finances, and marketing. Ready to ramp up your freelance business? Check out these five go-getter strategies to help you earn more, get a steady stream of clients, and create a long-term game plan for freelance business success.

If you’re freaking out about trying to survive a marketing marathon to get hundreds of letters of introduction or queries out the door in a month to grow your freelance business, take a chill pill. Those are effective marketing strategies. But they aren’t the only way to find clients. Here are two more ways to make connections, find clients, and get referrals…

25 Sales Questions to Qualify Your Leads Faster25 Sales Questions to Qualify Your Leads Faster

You can attribute a lot of great relationships to perfect timing. When you connect with the right person at the right time, everything seems to just fit. This is especially true for sales. Connecting with your lead too early means they won’t be ready to buy. But if you wait too long, they may have moved on to a competitor.

Unfortunately, finding the perfect time to connect with a customer is complicated. It’s not like you can set a timer that will ding when they’re ready to connect. Instead, you need to qualify your leads yourself. It’s always important to connect with your leads to figure out where they’re at in the buying process. To help you qualify your sales prospects, here are 25 questions you should be asking.

Be a Bad Writer to Be a Great WriterBe a Bad Writer to Be a Great Writer

I wrote about writing practice last week for a specific reason. And if your writing sessions ever feel unproductive, I have an eye-opener that will help you approach them with more ease. If you’re not an editor, the articles you read online are the final versions of those articles.

That’s obvious, yes, but we often don’t stop to think about all of the versions of a piece of content that existed before it was published. It might look like it was created effortlessly. You picture the author opening up their WordPress dashboard, selecting a New Post, and typing out a coherent draft. After a little editing and proofreading, they’re ready to publish.

So, today I want to highlight what goes on in Draft Mode, especially the nonsensical nature of most drafts.