Customer Acquisition Funnel


The Customer Acquisition Funnel not only delivers the system to acquire new customers, it provides business growth opportunity analysis and a lays the framework to allow ongoing independant measurement of results.

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Getting new customers is the lifeblood of business. Before you start to build a new sales funnel it is imperative that how your website is currently performing is assessed. This data along with the client brief is used to build your acquisition funnel but the information uncovered can be applied to your entire business.

Business Growth Blueprint Report

This report provides the data for increasing conversion rate and for successfully moving customers through your funnel.


We will check your Google Analytics account and make sure it is set up for the following:

  • Set up Google Tag Manager (If required)
  • Correctly set up views
  • Correctly filter out referral spam data and user IP addresses
  • Set up goals and funnels. We will set up  goal to monitor your shopping cart so you can see where abandonment is happening.

HotJar Heat-Mapping 

We will set  up tracking tools on your site to collect the following data;

  • Visitor recordings – see how your website visitors are actually using your site.
  • Feedback surveys
  • Heat maps – see what visitors are clicking (3 pages only)
  • Scroll maps – see how engaged your visitors are with your content (3 pages only)
  • Form Analytics – identify problems with your forms (not always possible but we will try to implement this)

Web Design Report

We will check the design of your website against the best practices for web design. This will include e-commerce design if you have an e-commerce store.

Sales Strategy Report

This part of the report will look at your sales funnel especially;

  • How you get leads into your business
  • How you convert those leads into customers
  • How you encourage visitors to come back to your website
  • How you encourage customers to make repeat purchases

Customer Acquisition Funnel DESIGN

Our customer acquisition funnels are designed by utilizing OptimizePress

we will do one of the following

  • Optin
  • Sales
  • Ecom funnel

Autoresponder integration

Bespoke Copywriting Services

are applied to your funnel to ensure the perfect tone and desired response required for your market.


are also included in this package.


We will recommence the testing applied initially to your website, to your new customer funnel to ensure conversion and movement through the funnel occurs.

Due to the nature of our work we can only onboard 10 clients a month. If there are too many are clients in front of you at the time you wish to place an order you can be added to our wait-list to be notified via email when our client list has rolled on.